Website Creation

“The time for which a website visitor decides whether he is interested in the content and will continue browsing is less than 10 seconds! If he doesn’t find what he’s looking for within that limit, he’s going elsewhere.”

How would it feel to finally have your functional website?

How would it feel to finally have your functional website?
What would happen to your business if, in two weeks, you had a new modern website that would bring in more customers and increase sales?

Did you know that many entrepreneurs still try to create websites on their own? They have the misconception that a professional website design is very expensive. In reality, the decision to self-create and maintain a website is much more expensive.

Why, you ask?

The first thing to consider is the time spent on creating a website that could have been used more effectively. Second, the resulting website is not performing efficiently. Visitors have difficulty navigating the website, they don’t find what they are looking for, the pages load too slowly and do not display correctly on mobile devices so the customer simply goes elsewhere.

As a result, there are zero sales and the entrepreneur does not even know if anyone has visited his site. The result is complete disappointment, frustration, and stress.


There is another situation that we encounter quite often. The entrepreneur has a website created around the launch of Facebook (February 1, 2004). From the point of view of modern information technology, these websites are already prehistoric and have not been updated with new online features. No wonder such a website does not fulfil its purpose and does not meet expectations.

We encounter similar results of non-functional websites, even in such cases where the entrepreneur had a website created for a “few” crowns by the “clever” Joe.

The solution is easier than it may seem.

For a reasonable fee and in a reasonable time frame, we can help you. We will create functional and informative pages, which will be attractive to your customers and, more importantly, fulfill their purpose.

Depending on the purpose and scope of your assignment, we will create for you:

Landing page

A simple one-page website suitable for the promotion of a single product or service, as part of an online campaign, or as a simple business card.

Web Standard

A full-fledged website suitable for smaller businesses, restaurants, and sole traders or self-employed.


Larger websites with advanced features that are suitable for larger companies or e-shops.

Get a functional website for € 1 189 - in 3 weeks

(depending on the scope of the assignment)

For WEB STANDARD and WEB PRO, it is possible to include the regular administration service and updating of websites, including content management. The price of the service depends on the scope of work.

The listed prices are without VAT 21%.

Did you know that...?

There are more than 1.24 billion websites in the world (statistics from 2018). People only buy from brands they know and like. So, if you want to increase sales of your products or services, you can easily discover why a well-designed website or e-shop is key to your business success. From the color palette to the typography, we consider every element of the design to ensure your website is clear and intuitive for visitors.